Clients’ Testimonials

Here is what our clients have to say about us! Contact Dion Beg, mortgage agent in Pickering, ON, at Butler Mortgage for more details.

My husband and I used Dion to both buy and sell. Aside from being a good friend he was an amazing broker. We were doing all this at a very volatile time in the market. But it was really helpful to know how much Dion had our back. He had options and suggestions for every possible scenario and that really put both our minds at ease. When everything finally came together he was there for us to make sure everything went smoothly. So much so, that he even gave us a call while on vacation to make sure that we moved in OK and that the mortgage came through. Dion provides exceptional service, he was there for us whenever we needed to speak to him and came up with a solution for every possible problem we had. We would highly recommend using Dion for mortgage services, because he truly treats you as a person And not just another client!

- Bhumi Patel

We are so happy to have been recommended Dion by a friend. He is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate and allowed us to expand our possibilities with our mortgages. Dion and his team are easy to reach, quick to respond and helped us get great rates - I would highly recommend Dion.

- Karine Kupers

Dion worked his magic on consolidating our home and debt with a very low interest rate. Dion and his staff were amazing answering all my questions. I recommended him to a friend and he helped them also. I highly recommend him.

- Mireille Morency

To me, finding a well informed mortgage broker who knows the rules, limits and possibilities about mortgages was my top priority. Not only did Dion and his team get me a rock bottom rate but the information he can provide his clients is invaluable. I trust Dion and his team and recommend them to anyone I know.

- Brandon Bailey

I highly recommend Dion and his team to everyone. His team was invaluable in securing mortgages for our investment properties. They were extremely knowledgeable and professional throughout the entire process. We’ll definitely use his services in the future.

- Ryan Burns

When referring clients to others, I am very careful as am putting my reputation on the line. I have 100% faith in Dion and clients are always amazed by his knowledge and service.

- Ian Szabo - GTA Top Producing Realtor, Author

Going from bank to bank shopping for the best rate on a mortgage can be a frustrating task, but I found a way around all that and educated myself as a result. Dion Beg at Butler Mortgages is able to explain the complexity of various mortgage products with the skill of a talented teacher. I now understand that the lowest rate is not necessarily my best choice financially. For example, Dion explained that if I don't plan on keeping a property for long, a particular type of mortgage can reduce penalties charged when discharging a mortgage. Also, I learned that shopping around for rates can effect my credit score negatively, so it's advantageous to use a mortgage broker to do that shopping for you, allowing you to protect your score from unnecessary hits. I have increased my knowledge and feel less anxious about applying for a mortgage. I trust Dion to provide the best advice and keep my best interests in mind when choosing a financial institution. And if you're thinking of investing in rental properties, he's a master in the field and is able to provide expert tips because he invests himself. Dion's got you covered!

- Linda Vittorini

Dion is an excellent mortgage agent, who works hard to get deals done. I would highly recommend him. His presentations are fun and engaging. He has a natural ability to capture the interest of an audience.

- Quentin D'Souza, President, Durham Real Estate Investors

Dion has quickly helped me build my portfolio of properties and as a result my family and I are well on our way to establishing the financial security we wanted. We have a name for Dion - Mortgage Agent extraordinaire! He has come through for me every time.

- John Murphy

I expect the best for my clients so I only align myself with solid professionals who are committed to their trade. I work with Dion Beg because he definitely shines as a mortgage consultant and investment advisor.

- Sandra Rinomato, Broker Owner/ Real Estate Television Host/Advisor

We attended Dion's talk. It was very informative. It set us on the path to owning investment property and Dion guided us through each step of the way.

- Ed and Charlene