About Dion Beg

Mortgage Agent in Pickering, ON

Dion Beg - Award-Winning Mortgage Agent in Pickering, ON

Contact Dion Beg, mortgage agent in Pickering, ON, to know more about the mortgage services he provides.

Dion Beg is an award winning mortgage professional. Dion has 15 years’ experience in the property and finance industry built on a strong foundation in property investment. Dion has been involved in the transaction of hundreds of deals with first home buyers, clients looking to refinance or consolidate debt and property investors.

Dion has been ranked in the CMP Top 75 Brokers for 5 years running.

Dion is well travelled and was born in Fiji, grew up in Australia and has lived in Japan and speaks Japanese.

He owns property in Canada, the USA and Australia and he is on a mission to show people how the right property portfolio can be an accelerated Path to True Wealth. He often speaks and trains at the Toronto Real Estate Board on the topic of property investment.

Most importantly, he is the proud father of 2 young girls.